Selena Calvette Crenshaw was born on April 20, 1981, to the parents of Mose and Mary Crenshaw. She was raised in Gary, Indiana. Due to her parent’s strong belief in God, attending church and being occupied in ministry was common to her.

At the age of seven, Selena made her confession by mouth, that she believed that Jesus is Lord. She was a member of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Clarence Lobdell. Selena credits Pastor Lobdell as the person who laid the spiritual foundation for her journey.

Selena was very active in the church. She started as a candy striper, and then moved to the Junior Usher Board, followed by joining the choir. Selena loved singing in the choir. Selena was President of the Youth and Young Adult Choir. She was also a member of Leon Kendrick and the Celestial Voices. She traveled with the “Voices” singing, dancing, and acting.

In 1998, after allowing the devil to have his way in her life, Selena rededicated her life back to God. She was baptized for a second time. She then began to have a personal relationship with God.

In 2001, Selena relocated to Indianapolis to better her life determined to let go of the past and focus on her future.

On September 15, 2001 Christopher Woods and Selena Crenshaw became one in holy matrimony. Together they have five children: Arianna, A’lena (Kayla), Christopher Jr. (CJ), Calvin, and Ka’Neya. Selena devotes her time, energy, and love to her family.

In September 2003, Selena accepted the call from God to preach good news to the world. She believes in the fivefold ministry. She allows God to use her in whatever way he sees fit. Selena has become very free in ministry. She does not allow religion and traditional constraints to limit her gifts.

In September of 2015, Selena took her calling to another level and became an Ordained Elder in the Lords Church.

Selena loves to interact with children and teenagers. She currently works with young ladies who face life’s greatest challenges. She uses her personal and spiritual experiences to encourage, counsel, and teach young ladies to get the most out of life.